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Should I count calories?

Counting calories is not necessary for most people.

One of the major issues with counting calories is that all calories are treated equal, no matter what source they come from. Is eating 100 calories of broccoli equal to eating 100 calories in the form of candy? Absolutely not!!! 100 calories of broccoli🥦🥦 would fill you up, provide vitamins, minerals and fiber 😀whereas 100 calories in the form of a chocolate candy bar🍬🍬 would raise your blood sugar, cause insulin release to metabolize that sugar, ultimately cause a blood sugar low, prompting you to eat again. Two very different reactions to the same number of calories.🤔

So, here's what I recommend to do instead:

-Eat whole foods as close to their natural form as possible. (i e not processed)

-Eat adequate amount of protein and healthy fat.🧀🥚🍤🍣🍗🥩

-Limit the intake of carbohydrates especially sugar and flour.🥐🥯🥨🍧🍪🍩

-Good quality nutritious food satiates you, so you’re less likely to overeat.🥑🥦🍓🍳🍗🥗

-Worry about the quality of your food vs calories in it.😀😀 #commonsenseeating

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