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The Best Diet For You!!!

If you have ever asked me for "diet " advice, you know that there is no short and straight answer to this question.

What is the best diet?

I find that this topic is as polarized as politics when it comes to diet recommendations. Vegetarian, vegan, keto, paleo, carnivore, gluten-free....all diet-camps tout themselves as the most superior and the end-all, be-all.

But it’s complicated. The best diet for an individual depends on a variety of factors- Dietary preferences- Religious beliefs and personal choice may eliminate certain foods from one’s diet plan. Allergies- No matter how “healthy” a certain food is, you can't eat it if you are allergic to it. Medical Conditions- Specific health issues may cause one to limit some foods. For example, excessive fruit may be detrimental to a person who has diabetes.

In fact, I am not a fan of the word “diet” as

-it kind of implies a punishment.... depriving yourself of “normal food” -and it is to be done for a specified, limited duration of time.

However, “a diet” works only as long as you practice it. Once you “come off a diet”, all the health benefits you gained disappear.

In the typical sense of the word, the best “diet” is not a “diet” at all.

I would much rather refer to it as eating habits:

-which are sustainable and ever evolving -with goal of keeping one satisfied and energized -and in the best possible health.

It may be vegan, keto, paleo or none of those. In fact, studies find that all diets work the same as long as they are followed long-term. It’s because there are a few common themes which form the cornerstones of healthy eating habits.

-Eat quality whole foods- plants, fruit, dairy, poultry, fish, meats. -Limit intake of processed grains like bread, pasta, rice, crackers, cereal etc. -Minimize consumption of ultra-processed, packaged foods. -Eliminate sugar in food and beverages. -Eat to the point of feeling satisfied, and not stuffed.

Remember the time when you ate a nice meal, full of veggies, protein and some grains that left you feeling satiated and fueled instead of bloated and ready for a nap! If you could eat like that most of the time, that would be your “best diet”!!!

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